Be More Productive by Doing Less

Walk OutsideYou may think that you are more productive by working hour upon hour without taking a break. You would be wrong.

Breaks are important for productivity and no, I am not talking about the long procrastinating breaks to avoid doing anything at all. A short 10 to 15 minute break from work can revive you and your work ethic making you more productive.

Now, there are several things that you could do during a “break from work.” You could play on the internet and check up on your Facebook friends. You could chat up your nearest colleague. However, I recommend taking a short walk outside (when possible, of course) and completely unplugging from all technology.

I find it best to take a short 10 minute walk every 2 hours or so.  This works especially well if you are working an 8 hour day with a nice lunch in the middle.

Take a Walk and Wake Up

Unplugging from the technological world and taking a walk in the fresh air can help wake you up and keep you energetic.  Sitting at a desk all day, especially after lunch, and leave you sluggish.  Walking outside in the fresh air and in the sunlight will help you more than a cup of coffee!

Walking is Healthy

This one should be pretty obvious.  You have heard it for years.  Walking is healthy.  The extra exercise will get your blood flowing and will help you refocus when you get back to the desk.

(Losing Weight: A 120 pound person walking slowly burns 25 calories in 10 minutes!  That is an extra 125 calories for just walking 10 minutes daily over  a 5 day work week.   If you weigh more, you burn more calories.  Feel better, work better, and lose weight!)

Why do I think walking outside is best? Vitamin D is created when the skin soaks up sun rays. High levels of Vitamin D maintain your serotonin levels.

Walking also helps reduce stress and can make you happier!

Better Decision Making

Walking outside can help reset and clear your mind.  A clear mind will help you take on new problems and even come up to a solution to an old problem you just couldn’t solve.  Switching between activities can help keep your mind sharp and help you be more creative.  You will make better decision and you will get more done!

Better Detail Seeking Eyes

This doesn’t have to do directly with walking outside, but unplugging from the fast moving, technological world and giving your eyes a break from the many screens around you will give your eyes a much needed break.  Over time, your eyes get worn down from looking at a screen and you could have trouble focusing.  By taking a break, you are giving your eyes a break and get them refreshed to catch all the little details.

Are You Ready for Your Break Yet?

Remember, I am not saying you should avoid work and break all day.  If you truly want to get more done in less time, then you should give taking a work break a try.  So, go ahead.  Get up and walk outside.  When you get back, see if how much more productive you are and how much better you feel.  It will become a way of life.

Everyone will wonder how you get so much done during the day – and you can tell them you get so much done because you are doing less!


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